• White Poly Wrapped Baffle

    Polywrap Baffles are a heat sealed polyethylene bag encompassing a sound absorptive fiberglass providing efficient and cost effective answer to industrial noise control problems. The baffles measure 4' wide x 2' high and have (2) grommets along (1) 4' side. These lightweight Class A fire rated baffles are available in a standard white or black facing. Installation into environments such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, industrial and manufacturing facilities and others is easily accomplished with wire or plastic ties.

  • Reinforced Mylar Wrapped Baffle

    Art Sanitary Baffles are a durable, low cost, and virtually rip-proof acoustical solution for hospitals, clean rooms, food processing plants, kitchens and more. Sanitary baffles absorb sound waves reducing noise levels in the room. They are stain resistant, washable, Class A fire rated and FDA approved.

  • SONEX™ One Baffles

    ArtEx One Baffles are an ideal solution to reverberation and overall noise problems. These versatile baffles can be used in variety of settings including: auditorium, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, recreation centers and production facilities. ArtEX One Baffles are made of foam, which is Class 1 Fire-rated according to ASTM E84 for flame spread and smoke density and meets the corner burn test UL 1715.

    In addition to its high fire safety rating, the foam provides excellent sound absorption across all frequencies and helps prevent noise buildup that interferes with speech intelligibility.

    ArtEx One Baffles are available in natural or Hypalon®-coated finishes. Our exclusive Hypalon® formulation protects the foam from dust and dirt and makes it possible to wipe baffles clean using only a damp cloth.

  • SONEX™ Valueline Baffles

    Valueline Baffles help improve communication and reduce echo/reverberation in large open areas such as production plants, warehouses, gymnasiums and swimming pools.

    Valueline Baffles absorb sound energy from multiple sources, reducing noise and reverberation throughout the environment. Made from foam, Valueline Baffles are Class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density. Resistant to fungus and microbial growth, they withstand they humid conditions of indoor swimming pools.

    Valueline Baffles are field-fitted with stainless steel corkscrew hangers, making them easy to install over individual workstations or above an entire floor. Wall-to-wall cable installation is completed by sliding baffles into place from one side of the room, allowing activities to continue uninterrupted. Ceiling cable installation allows baffles to be arranged in box-like or criscross patterns.

  • ArtEnviro™ Hanging Baffles

    ArtEnviro Baffles are an economic, efficient solution to reverberation issues and are available in two exterior coverings.

    PVC covered acoustical baffles provide sound absorption and a washable surface for standard, non abusive environmental requirements.

    Sailcloth or Rip Stop nylon covered acoustical baffles provide sound absorption with an extremely durable exterior shell capable of withstanding abuse from volleyballs and basketballs and the like. These baffles are perfect for high abuse environments like gymnasiums.

    ArtEnviro Baffles hang freely from the ceiling to interrupt the path of noise and reduce the amount of sound reverberation.

    The typical baffle measures 4' wide and 2' high has (2) grommets along (1) 4' side and they are available in many colors.

  • ArtSorb™ Fabric Wrapped Baffles

    ArtSorb™ Fabric Wrapped Baffles offer you an acoustical solution for aesthetically pleasing and durable sound absorbing baffles.

    Standard fabric options are the Guilford of Maine Fabric FR701, style 2100 with other designer fabrics available upon request. This variety of available colors allow you to create an effective acoustical treatment designed for your environment.

    The typical baffle measures 4' wide and 2' high has (2) grommets along (1) 4' side and they are available in many colors.

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  • Art Ceiling Banners

    Art Ceiling Banners are ideal for areas that have large open spaces and require large amounts of sound absorption. Ceiling Banners offer an eye-appealing look while reducing reverberation or echo time in harsh acoustical environments. Ceiling Banners are designed to hang vertically or run parallel to the ceiling by use of aluminum mounting stays.

    Art Ceiling Banners are available in 2" or 4" thickness in standard width of 4' with custom sizes available up to 4' by 25'+ long. Banners are available with PVC, Rip Stop nylon, or Guilford fr701-2100 fabric coverings.

    ArtBanners are easily installed on ceilings, with grommets or mounting stays and are Class 1 fire rated.

  • ArtSorb Enviro Baffles

    ArtUSA® Baffles are ideal for applications that require baffles with a "crisp" corner and finished face. ArtSorb Baffles are available in a 1" or 2" thickness. Standard size is 2' x 4' with custom sizes up to a maximum of 4' x 10'.

  • WHISPERWAVE™ Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings

    WHISPERWAVE™ Baffles provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility. Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE™ products are ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, indoor swimming pools, offices, libraries, religious facilities and other large open areas.