• ArtSeal™ Absorber Blankets and Curtains

    ArtSeal Blankets and Acousti Curtains™ Sound Absorption Curtains and ArtSeal Blankets are quilted fiberglass composites that feature a durable vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing quilted to two-inch thick fiberglass insulation. The ArtSeal Acoustical Sound Blankets are available in a variety of colors and stitch patterns. The standard size is a 24" x 48" curtain panel with custom sizes and die cuts available. They are used when you need to introduce sound absorption materials into hard reflective environments to reduce the reverberant noise energy in a room. Some typical uses include industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and warehouses. The ArtSeal Sound Absorption Blankets are Class 1 fire-rated and have a sound absorption rating of 0.85.

    Quilted, Vinyl or Fabric Facing Both Sides.

  • ArtQA Sound Absorbing Blankets

    Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers are fire safe, high performance acoustical fiberglass blankets that are used to reduce reverberant (reflected) airborne noise energy in many diverse industrial and architectural applications as well as original equipment. They are an excellent alternative to urethane foams since they are fire safe, exhibit low smoke emissions and possess high mechanical strength. Additionally, they have a wide range of temperature limits, can be cleaned and are unaffected by moisture, humidity, dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals. Flexible quilted absorbers are easily installed, will not degrade and have extremely long service lives.

  • ArtABA / ArtBSC Sound Absorbing Blankets

    The ABA model Barrier septum Composite is a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. A variety of facings are available including our standard industrial grade vinyl facing, an economy scrim facing and a silicone facing for high temperature or outdoor applications. Rolls measuring 4' x 25' are available with edges bound or unbound. All products have a Class A flammability rating. The ABA blankets can be used anywhere a barrier-absorber is needed such as to line the perimeter of a building or to separate two noisy areas.

  • ArtBA / ArtBBC Sound Absorbing Blankets

    The ArtBA acoustical blanket absorbs and blocks noise reducing noise levels without requiring extra building construction. The ArtBA acoustical blanket consists of a fiberglass core quilted between vinyl-coated-fiberglass-cloth facings which is then attached to a reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier. Rolls measuring 4' x 25' are available and have a Class A flammability rating. Because of their excellent durability these curtains are perfect for industrial locations, manufacturing facilities, construction sites or anywhere requiring abuse resistant noise control. These double duty noise blankets excel in that they work for both absorbing and blocking sound.