Perforated Metal Wall Panels provide effective noise absorption when mounted to existing hard and acoustically reflective walls. The metal surfaced finish stands up to typical industrial wear and tear while the absorptive core reduces noise. This means improved overall environment and better communication. ArtUSA standard Acoustical wall absorbing panels are all welded fabrication with outer perforated skin, reinforcing channel frame, absorption material with protective covering and steel straps across the open back, with mounting brackets top and bottom to provide a 2” wall offset. This arrangement allows enough clearance for conduit and other wall appurtenances. The panels may be butted together to form a continuous absorbing panel. Galvanized or painted finishes are available. Standard acoustical fill shall be 2” thick, having a density of 1.55 lbs. per cu ft and an NRC value equal to 1.0 measured in accordance with ASTM- C423. The material shall have a flame spread of 25 and smoke development of 10, measured in accordance with ASTM-E84.
Unit of Measure