ArtSeal Blankets and Acousti Curtains™ Acousti Curtain Sound Absorption Curtains and ArtSeal Blankets are quilted fiberglass composites that feature a durable vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing quilted to two-inch thick fiberglass insulation. The ArtSeal Acoustical Sound Blankets are available in a variety of colors and stitch patterns. The standard size is a 4' x 8' curtain panel with custom sizes and die cuts available. They are used when you need to introduce sound absorption materials into hard reflective environments to reduce the reverberant noise energy in a room. Some typical uses include industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and warehouses. The ArtSeal Sound Absorption Blankets are Class 1 fire-rated and have a sound absorption rating of 0.85. A series of Portable Acoustical Screens join to form a sound absorption and noise barrier treatment, which can easily be moved and relocated.
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