• acouSTIC Water Based Adhesives

    For the installation of CONTOUR® Ceiling Tiles, FABRIC Wall Panels and SONEX® Panels, acouSTIC, a special water-based adhesive specifically designed for our foam products is perfect.

    • Each 10.5 ounce tube installs up to 32 square feet of SONEX® Panel.
    • Available in case quantities of 24 tubes per case.
    • Tube fits standard caulking guns.
    • Adhesive applicator recommended

  • SONEX™ Clean Panels
  • Foam/Barrier Composites

    Art-Composite is a noise control material specifically designed to achieve maximum attenuation over a broad frequency range. Art-Composite combines dense, limp, flexible, non-lead loaded barriers with Acousti-Mat foams providing a total noise control system. Unlike other composites available, these multilayer systems are manufactured without costly adhesives, thus eliminating the potential for failure between layers.

  • Art Pyramid Sound Diffusers

    ArtUSA® Pyramid Diffusers are perfect for applications that require a high degree of sound diffusion, such as music rooms, band rooms, and concert halls. They are lightweight and easy to install.

    Pyramid Diffusers are constructed of high strength reinforced fiberglass molded in a one piece pyramid shape. The diffusers are finely tuned to reflect sound.

  • ArtEXFoam™ 54 Inch (in) Width Foam

    ArtEXFoam™ Art Acoustical foam panels are used as a sound absorber to reduce reverberation and echoes. ArtEX Acoustic foam is commonly used in schools, churches, gyms, firing ranges, recording studios, offices, edit rooms, broadcast studios and home studio settings. Art Acoustic foam panels are inexpensive and are available in many different colors and patterns.

  • SONEX™ Wedges

    SONEX™ Wedges are designed to be used in situations where low-frequency issues are a problem and are most often found in anechoic test chambers. Custom sized wedges feature an exaggerated, yet symmetrical, anechoic wedge pattern. SONEX™ Wedges can dramatically improve the accuracy of sound measurements by eliminating bounce-back sounds such as echo, feedback and resonances.

    SONEX™ foam is made from porous melamine, a unique, flexible alternative to polyurethane that has excellent acoustic qualities but is far less flammable. It has a Class 1 fire rating, the best fire rating possible for a building material. It is flame and chemical-resistant and unlike polyurethane foams, it will not decompose or emit toxic gases when exposed to flame.

  • Foam/Barrier Composites
  • Foam/Barrier Composites

    Art-Mat Melamine is a lightweight, high temperature resistant, open cell foam manufactured from melamine resin. It combines excellent thermal properties with superior sound absorption capabilities to create a versatile fiber free product which can be applied in situations which may prohibit the use of urethane foams or fiberglass insulations. This fire retardant foam meets the flame spread, smoke density and fuel contribution requirements necessary to comply with Class-1 building code regulations. The high performance thermal and acoustical characteristics of this flexible, low density foam make it an ideal product for in-plant and FDA approved applications. In addition to being the solution to aircraft and architectural noise problems, Art-Mat Melamine Foam is the material to use in OEM products requiring a combination of thermal and acoustical insulation capabilities. Optional facings can be applied for more durability and chemical resistance as well as pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation.