• ArtSorb Acoustical Wall Panels
  • SONEX™ Clean Panels

    ArtEx products are designed for environments that require noise control with durable, washable and cleanable materials. The baffles, panels and ceiling tiles are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas. ArtEX Clean products meet USDA/FDA requirements.

    The products are fully encapsulated in FR taffeta vinyl for efficient cleaning and long, durable life. They offer excellent sound absorption to reduce reverberation or echo.

    The ArtEx line is made from melamine foam core, which is ASTM E84 Class 1 fire-rated. Products are available in 17 standard colors.

  • Art Composite Foam Panels

    ArtEXFoam™ Art Acoustical foam panels are used as a sound absorber to reduce reverberation and echoes. ArtEX Acoustic foam is commonly used in schools, churches, gyms, firing ranges, recording studios, offices, edit rooms, broadcast studios and home studio settings. Art Acoustic foam panels are inexpensive and are available in many different colors and patterns.

  • WHISPERWAVE™ Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings

    WHISPERWAVE™ Panels, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility. Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE™ products are ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, indoor swimming pools, offices, libraries, religious facilities and other large open areas.

  • Foam/Barrier Composites

    Art-Mat Aluminized Polyester Facings are used in environments hostile to an unprotected foam. These polyester films, plain and reinforced, offer abrasion resistance and are unaffected by moisture, lubricants, fuels, dirt and a variety of solvents. The film is easily wiped clean and seams may be taped for a finished appearance.