WHISPERWAVE™ Baffles provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility. Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE™ products are ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, indoor swimming pools, offices, libraries, religious facilities and other large open areas.
Unit of Measure

Physical Data - willtec®


N/A 0.5 to 0.7 lb/ft³

Long Term Service Temperature

N/A 302 ºF

Baffle Size

N/A 24 x 48 in

Note for Baffle Size

N/A Custom baffle sizes available


N/A Open-cell melamine-based foam
WHISPERWAVE™ is made from willtec® foam, which is Class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density. willtec® natural also meets the corner burn test UL 1715. WHISPERWAVE™ is offered in natural white and gray and can be painted or Hypalon®-coated.

Fire Resistance

N/A Class 1 per ASTM E 84 (all finishes) Meets UL 1715 (Willtec® natural)

Flame Spread per ASTM E 84

N/A Natural : 5 Painted : 10 Hypalon®-coated : 25

Smoke Density per ASTM E 84

N/A Natural : 50 Painted : 10 Hypalon®-coated : 65

Microbial Growth

N/A Passes UL 181, Section 11

Fungus Resistance

N/A Rating No. 0 per ASTM G21


N/A Passes University of Pittsburgh Toxicity of Smoke Emission test



N/A Ceiling-mounted cable installation

Sound Absorption


N/A Natural Gray Natural White


N/A 2 in

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 125 Hertz (Hz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 1.0

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 250 Hertz (Hz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 5.4

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 500 Hertz (Hz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 10.8

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 1 Kilohertz (kHz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 16.3

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 2 Kilohertz (kHz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 18.7

Sound Absorption Sabins @ 4 Kilohertz (kHz) Frequency per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 24.0

Average Sound Absorption Sabins per ASTM C423-90a

N/A 12.7



  • Corkscrew hangers are installed in the field for either wall-to-wall cable installation or ceiling-mounted cable installation
  • Can be aligned in the same direction or arranged so that every other baffle is turned 90 degrees



  • Standard and custom wave designs
  • Exceptional acoustical control across all frequencies
  • Offered in panel, baffle, ceiling cloud and awning options
  • Easy installation
  • Class 1 fire-rated