Art-Mat acoustical foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible polyurethane open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance and density.
Unit of Measure



N/A Charcoal Gray


N/A 64 kg/m³ ±10 % per ASTM D3574-86 Test A 4 lb/ft³ ±10 % per ASTM D3574-86 Test A 2 lb/ft³32 kg/m³


N/A 120 % per ASTM D3574-86 Test E


N/A MVSS 302, UL-94 HF1, and FAR 25.853 (b)

Foam Thickness

N/A 1/4 to 2 in

Other Specifications

N/A Fabricated and Die Cut Parts

Standard Roll Size

N/A 54 in x 50 ft

Standard Sheet Size

N/A 54 x 24 in54 x 36 in54 x 72 in

Tear Strength

N/A 1.5 ppi per ASTM D3574-86 test F

Intermittent Temperature Range

N/A 275 ºF

Continuous Composite Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 225 ºF

Tensile Strength

N/A 20 psi per (ASTM D3574-86 Test E)

Thermal Conductivity per ASTM C177

N/A 0.25 Btu/(h·ft²·ºF)

Chemical Resistance

N/A Good for common fluids, water, petroleum, solvents and alkalis. Swelling will occur, will return to almost 100% after drying.

Compression Set

N/A 50 %, Deflection Maximum 10 % per ASTM D357-86 Test D

Heat Resistance

N/A Retention of tensile strength after 22 hours dry heat aging at 140 ºC minute 70% (ASTM D3574-86 test K)

Humidity Resistance

N/A Retention of tensile strength after 6 hours, steam autoclave at 105 ºC minute 70% (ASTM D3574-86 test J)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

N/A Supported SBR (temps to 140 ºF)
Unsupported Acrylic (temps to 250º)
Supported Acrylic (temps to 250º)

Standard Surface Treatments

  • Aluminized Polyester
  • Reinforced Aluminized Polyester
  • Urethane Films (matte or impervious)
  • Tedla (Trademark E.I. Dupont Co.)
  • Perforated Vinyl
  • Convoluted
  • Embossed
  • Customized Facings


N/A 3/4 in

Sound Transmission Coefficient in dB at Hertz (Hz)

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 1000 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.92 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 125 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.01 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 2000 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.93 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 250 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.11 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 4000 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.86 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient @ 500 Hertz (Hz) Frequency

N/A 0.38 dB

Sound Absorption Coefficient - Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

N/A 0.60 dB



N/A Sound energy, passing through the cell structure, is converted into minute quantities of low grade heat that is easily dissipated. Since the uniformity of the cells are carefully controlled the efficiency is constant and predictable from one installation to another.

Many applications require these products to be subjected to environments such as dirt, moisture, chemicals and abrasion that could be hostile to an unprotected foam. ArtUSA® industries has developed various surface treatments to protect the integrity of the foam from these elements. These facings will increase the absorption properties at certain frequencies as well as provide a cleanable, decorative and durable finish for a wide variety of applications.

Art-Mat foams can be purchased in rolls or sheets and can be die cut or fabricated to customer specifications. They are easily cut with a knife, saw or scissors. The addition of pressure sensitive adhesive provides a convenient method of fastening to most substrates. All Art-Mat products can be made in combination with Art-Composite barrier systems when both absorption and transmission loss is needed or VETM damping systems, when enhanced vibration control is required.