SONEX™ Wedges are designed to be used in situations where low-frequency issues are a problem and are most often found in anechoic test chambers. Custom sized wedges feature an exaggerated, yet symmetrical, anechoic wedge pattern. SONEX™ Wedges can dramatically improve the accuracy of sound measurements by eliminating bounce-back sounds such as echo, feedback and resonances.

SONEX™ foam is made from porous melamine, a unique, flexible alternative to polyurethane that has excellent acoustic qualities but is far less flammable. It has a Class 1 fire rating, the best fire rating possible for a building material. It is flame and chemical-resistant and unlike polyurethane foams, it will not decompose or emit toxic gases when exposed to flame.
Unit of Measure



N/A 12 in


N/A 12 in


N/A 6 in


N/A Natural Gray

Ship Size

N/A 12 x 12 x 12 in


N/A 14 ft²

Minimum Order

N/A 20


N/A An Exaggerated, Yet Symmetrical, Anechoic Wedge Pattern


N/A Porous Melamine

Fire Rating

N/A Class 1 Fire-Rated